• I opened the BabyPHP challenge.
  • I recovered this service from temporary down.
  • I fixed the bug that the tester of Redirect2 challenge was not working.
  • I opened the Lowercase challenge.
  • This server stopped for a while, because I updated the kernel on this server.
    But now it has recovered.
  • I've re-opened the Redirect3 challenge.
    Also, the intended solution to this challenge takes advantage of the 0-day vulnerability,
    which is waiting to be patched on the latest version of chrome,
    so the chrome used by the tester of this challenge will continue to maintain the old version.
  • Some items in the table have been deleted because of the heavy load on the MD5 Table challenge.
    There's no problem with your solving the challenge.
  • I stopped Redirect3 challenge for a moment.
    I may recover soon, but I don't know what's going to happen yet.
    I'm sorry this happened as soon as opened a new challenge.
  • I opened the Redirect3 challenge.
  • I opened the Uppercase2 challenge.
  • I opened the Sign in Me challenge.
  • I adjusted the score of Cat challenge higher.
  • I opened the Cat challenge.
  • I opened the Proxy challenge.
  • I opened the Caesar challenge.
  • I opened the Redirect2 challenge.
  • I adjusted the score of MD5 Table challenge higher.
  • I recovered this service from temporary down.
  • I opened the MD5 Table challenge.
  • I opened the Redirect challenge.
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